Ohtani gets thousands of dollars to flock to Dodger Stadium

Ohtani draw crowds to Dodger Stadium. And if that’s not the World Series, nothing is.
LA fans came for the first time the two Japanese stars in blue.

Ohtanimania & When Shohei Ohtanimania walked into Dodger Stadium on Saturday, fans got their first glimpse of the two-time all-star in blue.

Sure, Ohtani played for the Red Devils in Anaheim for the last six years. For Dodgers fans, it may be a long way from their hometown of Japan.

    Otani belongs to them now. .
And the Dodgers fans screamed and hugged him. Men, women and children wore their new jersey at DodgerFest, and for the first time, fans were paid ($10 each).
The concession stands were open, the music was blaring, the team store was full of customers and fans crowded the field to approach the stage where manager Dave Roberts would talk to about thirty players for 2024.
Shohei Ohtani was compared to Babe Ruth and said in an interview with the press
“the only option is to win the World Series”. Otani spoke through an interpreter.

   Ohtani will hit but not play this season as he recovers from his second Tommy John surgery.
The rehabilitation is going well andquot; he said And I’m sure we’re on schedule.
We are neither before nor after 

Ohtani will hit the tape during spring camp in Arizona this month.

“How to Talk About Little Ruth” “That’s Shohei,” said first man Freddie Freeman.

In addition to Ohtani, who signed a 10-year contract worth $700 million last December, the Dodgers signed right-hander Yoshinobu Yamamoto to a 12-year, $325 million contract.

   They added Seattle free agent Teoscar Hernandez to a one-year, $23.5 million contract.
That’s scary.
andquot; Roberts talked about the team and its offseason spending. I’m glad it happened to the Dodgers because this doesn’t happen.

A 9-year manager is considering an exit line.

   I don’t think we’ll be successful from the start, I can’t tell you that the top three on opening day are going to do well all season long. Roberts said. aquot;I want Mookie (Betts), Freddie and Shohei to join the conversation.
Betts and Freeman sound louder but Ohtani.

And lots of great additions, lots of excitement for a reason. andquot; Freeman said. And”We have the privilege of going to the front office and telling everyone that we have been trying to win and win for years. What you want not andquot;
Most members of the Dodgers team have never met Ohtani.

Before spring camp, most of the team met Otani for the first time. Reliever Blake Treinen was impressed.
Andquot;Heand remains happy.
He brings strength. It’s really cool, quot; Treinen said. I actually said welcome to the team in Japanese, and he said it was fine.

   Andrew Friedman, the team’s president of baseball operations, told Betts and Freeman about a week after the end of last season that the team would pursue Ohtani and Yamamoto.

And there aren’t many groups that do this kind of work. And for me, it’s great to know that they’ve kept their promise. Betts said.And they told me, they told Ohtani and every other player they sign, you always have a chance to win, and I’m sure they did. We have the players. We must run..

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