Travis Kelce reveals how much he asked to play within the Cleveland Browns after college

Before he became THE Travis Kelce who is currently one of the Kansas City Chiefs’ biggest stars, the tight end had a dream that he just revealed on his ‘New Heights‘ podcast. While talking to his brother Jason Kelce about the time he was drafted, he made it clear that he loves all teams from Cleveland and Ohio in general. Both of the Kelce brothers are from Cleveland. In fact, Travis never imagined he would end up playing for a different Mid-West team that wasn’t the Cleveland Browns. In this conversation, Kelce revealed he practically begged his college coach at the time and cried while asking to make his dream come true.

As we now know, things didn’t work out how Travis Kelce wanted but that was probably for the best. Here is what he said: “I think I cried in Coach Chudzinski’s face when I was getting drafted, to like, ‘Please let me f—— play for Cleveland.’ It was like one of my dreams to play for the Browns. Being a sports sports fan in Cleveland. You can’t not dream about playing for all three of the Cleveland sports teams, let alone the Browns. Him and coach Jon Embree, tight end coach down in Miami right now. I was crying in front of both, which is probably why they didn’t draft me. ‘This dude is way too soft. He’s a mess right now.'”

Travis Kelce is a Kansas City Chiefs legend now

Had he been drafted by the Cleveland Browns, Travis Kelce might’ve never been a part of arguably one of the most important and successful NFL dynasties in the sport’s history. These Kansas City Chiefs do seem like they will continue dominating the sport for many years to come. Perhaps once he feels like he no longer has more to give to the Chiefs, Travis Kelce can fulfill his dream and play for the Cleveland Browns for at least one season. But for now, he remains committed to Kansas and continue building this dynasty alongside Patrick Mahomes.

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