A former F1 driver suffered a heart attack immediately

A former F1 driver suffered a heart attack immediately after choking on Christmas dinner.

Former Brabham driver Wilson Fittipaldi Jr has been hospitalized following a crash last month. The Brazilian is the younger brother of former world champion Emerson.

The wife of former F1 driver Wilson Fittipaldi Jrand confirmed that the Brazilian suffered a heart attack after choking at a festival.
The 80-year-old competed in 35 races at the highest level of single-seater racing between 1972 and 1975 before forming the namesake team with his brother and F1 world champion Emerson.

However, Fittipaldi’s wife Zrand confirmed the Christmas dinner in an Instagram post, saying: “During the meal, he choked on a piece of food and suffered a heart attack due to lack of oxygen.

   He was healed, killed and pierced. We are waiting for him to wake up.
“Takes painkillers once a day and has a history of post-surgery, hard wait.

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   His wife added: “Yesterday I received phone calls and messages of support for the whole family.
Thank you for all your words.
I know this is a message that will make us stronger in these difficult times.

“Continue your good thoughts for Wilsinho’s health and well-being. God creates the best.

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