Red Bull tries to snub Adrian Newey, but faces the wrath of Mrs Newey instead.

Adrian Newey has been the mainstay of Red Bull’s leadership in recent years and early 2010. But while he is one of F1’s most famous designers, there may come a time when he has retired again.

   Christian Horner’s comments on his career development pointed to the same. Horner wanted to make plans for the future, but the British designer’s wife, Amanda Newey, didn’t like the details.
   According to the Mirror, Horner said that the technical team led by Adrian is an incredible group of people who have had a big impact in recent times. The team has developed under Pierre Wache and is not so dependent on Adrian.
It may mean that the 65-year-old is more active in observation, observation and conceptual thinking. Meanwhile, Wache and the rest of the team are doing heavy lifting.

But clean. Newey expressed his dismay by posting and reacting to comments on X (formerly Twitter). “What a crime load,” he said in one of his tweets. Meanwhile, another of his tweets said: “Absolute b*locks.

   So clearly the RB19 and RB20 are Peter Wache designed cars, not Adrian Newey’s championship cars. I took a shot at the RB20, but it can happen.

Much comes from Horner’s comment that RB19 and RB20 have less influence with Adrian’s introduction and more influence from Wache and others. This may not be true as the former McLaren technical director remains actively involved in the design aspects of Red Bull’s car.

Adrian Newey has more responsibilities as CTO, but he never loses the power of a notebook and pencil to complete his team’s creative work. However, Mrs Newey’s response clearly shows her strong opposition to the allegation that her husband did not participate in RB19 and RB20.

Adrian Newey and his commitment to Red Bull
Adrian Newey is one of the most important figures in F1 due to his great talent. The British designer has had many teams try to sign him over the years. However, he has remained loyal to Red Bull since joining the company in 2005.

There were reports that the Ferrari president approached Newey and tried to convince him to come to Maranello. But this is not the first time that an Italian group has tried to capture the 65-year-old man. Newey revealed on an episode of the Formula for Success podcast that Ferrari approached him three times.
He said that the Italian team is a magical symbol where people are often “tempted” and “tricked” into joining.
Even Horner recently recalled that the 16-time constructors’ champion offered Newey many perks and bonuses.

   However, Newey revealed he would be “damned” if he didn’t perform well at Ferrari. In Italy in general there is a lot of ‘pressure’ because the country is something to be proud of. Meanwhile, Newey believes that switching from Red Bull to other places, including Ferrari, would be like “leaving a family”.

   Newey also talks about how David Coulthard, presenter of Formula for Success, insisted on joining Red Bull at the time. Since then, Newey has enjoyed the enthusiasm of the team and has become an integral part of the Red Bull Racing family.

So we can imagine that the British designer will retire from Red Bull and not move anywhere. From the point of view of succession, he developed a great technical team.

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