F1 News: Ferrari unveils first engine for 2026

Ferrari has taken one step forward at Maranello for 2026.
Ferrari has reportedly fired up its first power unit that complies with the 2026 regulations in Formula 1 at Maranello before the Christmas break. Though this specific unit won’t be used on a racetrack given that this is a prototype, it indicates an additional step the Red team has taken toward the new era in F1 racing.

The 2026 regulations mandate power units that achieve a balance between internal combustion and electric power, with a 50% share for each. The rules, approved by the FIA, impose stricter limitations on materials and solutions for the 1.6-liter V6 turbo, indicating a more straightforward engine architecture in the future.
As per a report in Motorsport Italy, the first roar of the prototype of the 2026 6-cylinder turbo echoed recently with a concept of the future power unit with 50-50 power distribution, and without a Motor Generator Unit – Heat (MGU-H).

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