Josh Reddick knocked out Yoshinobu Yamamoto and a record $325 million contract

The former Arizona Diamondbacks player believes he overpaid Former Houston Astros shortstop Joshua Reddick blamed the Los Angeles Dodgers for their decision to pay Yoshinobu Yamamoto $325 million over 12 years because the Japanese player has no major league pedigree.

   After being traded to the Nippon Professional Baseball League, where he quickly established himself as a dominant force, he was signed by the Dodgers on December 21, choosing to pass on both the New York Mets and the New York Americans. 

   How do you give a guy $325 million without ever hitting a home run in the MLB? Reddick asked on Twitter, now known as, before agreeing with a commentator who said, “Baseball is destroyed and quot;”. Last year in Japan in 2023, Yamamoto went 16-6 in 23 innings with a very impressive 1.21 ERA while maintaining his pitching game. 

   He previously won the CY Young Award, was named MVP three times and won the Triple Crown (leading the league in wins, strikeouts, ERA) three years in a row, the only person in professional history to do so.

   Reddick is accused of cheating Reddick was asked to explain how he could justify the “ruined” of baseball; in a deal that takes into account his role in the 2017 Houston Astros cheating scandal, in which the franchise won the World Series but was fined. The slugger hit a career-best .314 in 134 regular-season games, but that faltered in the postseason, and he insisted he shouldn’t apologize for his role in baseball and let its fans down. andquot;Why should I apologize,andquot; Reddick added an X.

When do I know other teams did the same thing? They didn’t apologize to me.The best campaign of his career came after the Astros were found stealing tags from pitchers and catchers before they made the dugout.

   The pitcher would then make a coded sound to alert the hitter what type of pitch was about to be delivered, giving them an advantage.

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