Sergio Perez sent brutal message

Sergio Perez sent brutal message

Red Bull driver Sergio Perez was brutally told that he made a mistake that a 13-year-old would not have made at the Las Vegas GP.

Perez was beaten to second place by Charles Leclerc surprisingly on the final lap, an error that Le Mans winner Richard Bradley has lambasted.

He said: “There was one race when I was 13 where I was really stupid and knew I’d made a mistake afterwards and I didn’t block in a very similar way to Perez on the last lap when I was leading and five karts went by me – I learned some new words when I watched that video back!

“For a 13-year-old that was some mature language, but I deserved it and [Perez’s] was identical. That shouldn’t be happening when you’re 13 years old, let alone when you’re in Formula One.”

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