Piastri isn’t worried about jet lag? This may cause fatigue among the drivers, Zooming around that speed.

Piastri isn’t worried about jet lag? ‘Zooming around at 350kph will definitely keep me awake’

The Las Vegas Grand Prix presents a challenge with its late session times and the added jet lag may cause fatigue among the drivers. Nevertheless, Oscar Piastri believes that the track layout will keep the drivers alert.

Oscar Piastri isn’t worried about jet lag for the Las Vegas Grand Prix. He believes that driving an F1 car at 350 km/h between walls will keep him wide awake.
F1 is making its return to Las Vegas after more than 40 years, with the 21st round of the season set to take place on the Las Vegas Strip Circuit. All of the sessions will be held at least six hours after sunset, adding to the excitement of the event.
The event is essentially a race following a Japanese timetable held in the United States. Teams and drivers must adapt to the time zone disparities, dealing with jet lag and disrupted body clocks.
Similarities have been pointed out with Singapore, where the sessions are also held late in the evening but the paddock remains on European time, as Piastri himself highlighted.

Maintaining a speed of 350 km/h while driving keeps you alert and awake.
The McLaren driver expressed to media, that the biggest difference for him is that in Singapore, one simply stays on European time.
“Instead of resisting jet lag like we usually do, we have to embrace it here. Compared to Europe, we’re eight or nine hours behind, so we have to adapt by moving our schedules eight or nine hours forward.”
It’s like getting hit twice as hard. “Traveling to Abu Dhabi is going to be quite an adventure, it could be a great idea for next year.” Piastri emphasized the importance of staying focused when taking on the circuit’s adrenaline-pumping challenges.
He reassured, “I’m confident it will be easier when the time comes.” “We have a few more days to acclimate to it.”

Racing an F1 car at 350 kph through narrow walls tends to keep you very alert. I am confident that it will be of assistance.
The changes in schedule have really challenged many people’s sleep patterns and ability to manage jet lag, so let’s hope we’re all okay when it comes time to drive.

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