Verstappen makes F1 history with most costly super permit of all time

Verstappen makes F1 history with most costly super permit of all time

Max Verstappen is going to turn into the main Recipe 1 driver throughout the entire existence of the game to need to fork out in excess of 1,000,000 euros for his FIA super permit.
Verstappen caught his third F1 world title in the run race before the Qatar Fantastic Prix and furthermore has a record number of Big showdown focuses to his name: he has previously scored 524 focuses in the 2023 season. With two GPs to go, that is as of now a lot bigger number than he accomplished the year before. Then, at that point, as well, Verstappen broke a record with a focuses complete of 454 in a season, which, at €963,800, currently brought him near the ‘wizardry’ furthest reaches of 1,000,000 euros. Verstappen makes F1 history once more
A decent base expense of €10,400 for the FIA super permit is charged. What’s more, 2,100 euros are added per Big showdown point scored. In light of the ongoing point all out Verstappen has in his possession, his super permit for the following year is now worth €1,188,556.

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That sum is supposed to rise further after the season’s last two races. Assuming that the Dutchman scores greatest focuses in both the Las Vegas and Abu Dhabi GPs (triumph and quickest lap), one more 109,200 euros will be added to the expense of the Red Bull Hustling driver’s superlicence.

Notwithstanding, the sum could simply get considerably higher. The specific charges for the 2024 F1 season are not yet known, yet group investment expenses have expanded by seven percent. Accordingly, it is normal that superlicence expenses will likewise ascend in front of the new season, meaning Verstappen might need to pay much something else for his 2024 superlicence.

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