When Caleb Williams shed tears following USC’s defeat, what did you perceive? There’s only one correct answer

What was it that you witnessed when you observed USC quarterback Caleb Williams shedding tears?
Have you witnessed the sight of a genuine human exhibiting raw emotions? Have you observed someone in the immediate aftermath of a devastating defeat against Washington? Someone who has become vulnerable and sincere? Have you witnessed someone who possesses a profound passion for their profession? Someone who carries it with them, allowing it to run through their veins? Someone who takes on the weight of their team every single week, driven by an insatiable desire to emerge victorious? While every player yearns for triumph, there are those who take defeat so deeply to heart that it inflicts genuine agony upon them.

Did you happen to witness a different sight? Perhaps, someone gentle and tender? Was it a baby, finding solace in their mother’s embrace during a troublesome moment? Did you judge them with disdain? Did you believe you would never shed a tear in such a situation? You withheld your tears during your days as a backup football player in high school, and by golly, you would never let them escape now. As you observed Williams, did any of those thoughts cross your mind?

If you belong to the first group, then you are exactly the type of person I desire to have in my life, as you possess the qualities of a fully capable human being.
If you belong to the latter group, then it is high time for you to embrace the 21st century, where men are not judged as feeble for expressing their emotions.

Robert Griffin III observed Williams and recognized the USC player in the manner he ought to be perceived: exhibiting emotions is beneficial for men. It is considered to be beneficial for one’s well-being. Despite its violent nature, football remains a popular sport.
On X, previously referred to as Twitter, Griffin, a renowned former Heisman Trophy recipient and the NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2012, expressed that witnessing Caleb Williams in tears alongside his loved ones after their defeat in the game will deeply touch and sadden your heart. This young man consistently gives his all for his team every single time he steps onto the field. He is a quarterback that any NFL team would consider themselves fortunate to have, and through his evident passion, it is clear just how significant this game is to him.

It is painful when you invest all your efforts into something and it does not turn out as expected. Caleb Williams’s future shines bright, and this surge of emotion marks the pinnacle of his career.
Griffin completely understands. Robert Mathis, despite his five Pro Bowl appearances and participation in a Super Bowl team in 2006, does not… He answered Griffin’s comment.

Mathis posted, “I’m sorry @RGIII (lots of love little bro), but I have to classify this one as soft.” He sprinted and leaped towards his mommy, assuming a stance, and began sobbing. I consistently assure players by saying, “I will always be truthful with them,” and this is certainly not the expression you desire to see on your key player.

It is crucial to take note of Mathis’ comment because I can assure you that he is not the only person in the football universe who holds this belief. There is going to be information circulating about the decline of his stocks due to his crying. The name bestowed upon it shall be “The Caleb Tear Drop.”

There is no doubt that this will happen, as the NFL has a reputation of being ridiculously unpredictable.
Giants’ Joe Schoen had the personal experience of scouting Caleb Williams and Michael Penix last Saturday.
Those who perceive Williams as weak are completely mistaken, for we have long moved past the era of the 1950s. Expressing emotions is not just a display of emotional maturity, but it also contradicts Mathis’ opinion. Having this characteristic is indicative of a valuable leader.

Additionally, numerous young players do not face any difficulty when it comes to expressing their emotions. It is their norm. They have no concern.
Williams expressed his desire to head home and indulge in a cozy session of snuggling with his beloved dog while enjoying some television shows, following the competition. Um, you know, we totally didn’t win the game. I put in long hours and dedication over months and years to achieve opportunities like this, with a goal to compete and triumph by giving my best performance, alongside my teammates. Today, we unfortunately experienced a loss, causing me to feel emotionally drained. Consequently, my desire is to return home and engage in some quality time with my beloved canine companion.

That is truthful. Indeed, that is certainly authentic. How is it possible for anyone to find fault with that?
Perhaps, Mathis should consider listening to someone that people may find appealing. Rosey Grier, just like Mathis, was an NFL player who showed his skills on the defensive line. During the ruthless years of 1955 to 1966, Grier fearlessly took to the field, persevering through one of the most savage eras in the history of the league. He stands at six feet five inches tall, and during his time on the field, he generally weighed around 280 pounds.

Grier was incredibly tough. He was an integral member of the Los Angeles Rams’ legendary Fearsome Foursome defensive line, arguably the greatest line in football history. Deacon Jones, the preeminent Reggie White of his time, was showcased prominently. They were undeniably savage, and guess what? Grier once serenaded a tune advocating the acceptance of shedding tears.

What did you witness when you observed Caleb Williams shedding tears?
I apologize if what you witnessed didn’t involve a human being finding comfort with their loved ones. However, I can direct you to the closest mirror, where it would be beneficial for you to thoroughly reflect upon your own reflection.

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