He was declare winner of the week🏆🏆

The story of college football fandom can be explained through just two results from Week 6.

In the early afternoon, Oklahoma stunned Texas with a last-minute touchdown to snag an epic rivalry win. The sadness of a potential loss, given that Texas had recently pulled ahead on a field goal, certainly made its way through the OU fan base before the thrilling finish.

During the evening slate, Miami supporters watched an absolute, no-doubt, definite win rapidly devolve into a jaw-dropping, inexplicable, mind-numbing loss.

College football, everybody!

Those two storylines are key topics in our latest edition of Awards, which also includes applause for Louisville and Wyoming, a worrisome evening for USC and a shoutout to some no-longer-winless teams.

If you’re new here, hi! B/R’s Weekly Awards is an often-lighthearted review of what happened in the sport over the weekend.

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