Shilo Sanders’s Targeting Ejection Has Many College Football Fans Very Upset

Shilo Sanders’s Targeting Ejection Has Many College Football Fans Very Upset

The suspension of Shiloh Sanders upset many college football fans.

Colorado comes out strong against no. 25 UCLA on Saturday night.
After all, the Bruins are a Chip Kelly-coached team, and the Buffaloes have barely played defense this season.

But one particular play in the first half wore down Colorado’s defense even more. With 3:18 left in the second quarter, Buffaloes safety Shiloh Sanders delivered a huge hit to UCLA’s Carsen Ryan.
As he celebrated, the referees flagged him for targeting and he was immediately ejected from the game.
Sanders’ ouster drew a lot of backlash from college football fans and observers.
Many of them believed that Sanders, despite his power, threw clean punches.

ESPN commentator and former Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III stoked the fire by asking, “What happened to the game we love?” he aske

Many have wondered what Sanders should do with Ryan in this situation.
Inconsistency in field regulations has been highlighted as a problem in college football.
The usual accusations of “flag football” were made.
A recurring argument against sending Sanders off is that he appeared to lead with his shoulder, and targeting rules are designed to punish defenders who lead with the head.

Another account showed Ryan walking down the field and changing the way the game was played by making him a ball carrier.
And some viewers joked, as us

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