Colorado Hall of Famer says, “It’s been a fun ride” with Deion Sanders, but hype might end soon

Colorado Hall of Famer says, “It’s been a fun ride” with Deion Sanders, but hype might end soon

Former Buffs linebacker believes Colorado might fall short in chasing postseason

The Colorado Buffaloes are in the midst of a pivotal stretch of games as we approach the final month of the college football season. Deion Sanders knows it’s “go time” and preached that message to his player this entire week.

With all the negative talk surrounding the Buffs following the heartbreaking double overtime loss to Stanford two weeks ago, the entire alumni base should’ve rallied behind Coach Prime on a push to the postseason. However, not everyone with ties to CU seems to be on Sanders’ side, including Chad Brown.

The former CU Hall of Famer turned broadcaster isn’t buying into the hype and points out the obvious that Sanders and the Buffs are in need of a few wins. He took it a step further and said Colorado’s momentum from the start of the season is likely about to fade.

“It’s been a really fun ride, but to your point, they’ve got to have W’s behind this thing to keep the momentum going,” Brown said on USA Today’s Sports Seriously. “The attention to the program… the eyeballs that have come Colorado’s way… that will all fade, if I don’t think the Buffaloes become bowl eligible this year. In our society, we love to hype people up, and we love to chop them down.”

While Brown’s comments weren’t as bad as others, he still carried some skepticism with very little optimism towards the current state of the program coming off a bye week. The former NFL vet’s career overlapped Sanders’ Hall of Fame run in the 90s and early 2000s.

Colorado touched down in Los Angeles on Friday night. They’ll go have a final walk-through at the Rose Bowl before tomorrow night’s game with 23rd-ranked UCLA. A nationally televised broadcast on ABC at 7:30 p.m. ET.

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