F1 News: Red Bull Boss Kills Sergio Perez Leave Tales – “Never Been Examined”

F1 News: Red Bull Boss Kills Sergio Perez Leave Tales – “Never Been Examined”

Christian Horner has explained that there is no order for Sergio Perez to complete P2 this year
Red Bull group head Christian Horner has approached to explain and emphasize that there is no condition or command set up for Sergio Perez to accomplish P2 in the Drivers’ Standings to save his seat for next season with the group. 

At present, at 240 places in the standings and with four Thousand Prix staying for the 2023 season to end, Perez is only 39 focuses clear of Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton in third. Fortunately for the Mexican, the focuses contrast expanded because of the seven-time-title holder’s exclusion in Austin, after his W14 vehicle was found to have extreme pallet block wear by the FIA

Perez was feeling the squeeze from the media and the bits of gossip, with a significant number of them guaranteeing that this would be his last year with Red Bull in the event that he didn’t get P2 in the Drivers’ Standings toward the season’s end. 

 In any case, Horner has rushed to explain that there was no order set up for Perez to complete P2 by the end of the year. He told the media:

There’s no pre-order like that

“We’ve never completed first and second in a title. We’ve completed first and third a couple of times with Imprint [Webber] and Sebastian [Vettel] and we did it last year with Max and Checo.

“With this vehicle it’ll be fabulous for in such a season that we’ve needed to complete it first and second.

“However, there’s no pre-command on Checo that says ‘You need to complete second or you won’t be driving the vehicle one year from now’ that is never been examined.”

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