Russell blasts “obscene” possibility of a million-euro fine for the driver

The WMSC has agreed to change the maximum penalty that can be imposed on a competitor, including drivers and teams, for an offence. ok George Russell has questioned the “obscene” scenario in which a driver could be fined €1 million for an F1 breach.

   After a meeting of the International Motorsport Council in Geneva, the FIA ​​announced that it had increased the maximum penalty. From 250,000 euros to 1 million euros for a Formula 1 driver under the International Sports Code.

   Penalties are common in F1, although fines rarely reach six figures, with fines for speeding or technical violations in the pit lane more likely to result in a fine. The quadrupling of the Grand Prix fine comes after 12-year guidelines were no longer relevant, while other FIA championships such as Formula E and World Endurance saw the maximum fine rise to €750,000.

   Transfer of fines Most recently in Qatar, Lewis Hamilton was fined €50,000, half of which was a 12-month ban, for crossing the track on the first lap after colliding with Russell, who questioned the driver’s potential €1m payout. could get “I think it’s quite ridiculous that a driver could be fined a million euros,” he said My first year in Formula 1 I had a five-figure salary and in fact in that first year I lost more than six figures paying the coach, the flights and the assistant.

   “It’s probably 25%, We do what we love so we don’t complain about it. “But if you take one manager for a year, who will probably lose more than 100,000 euros before the end of the year because of the investments he made, then if you fine him a million euros, I don’t know what will happen. “We previously asked the FIA ​​to hear what these fines are aimed at, what reasons they come from. “It needs to be reinvested at the grassroots level, but so far we haven’t had an answer as to where it will go. . “So we would like clarity and transparency.

   “If they really believe that a million euro fine will pay and reinvest in the sport, then maybe some of the drivers who have been paid a lot will be happy to pay that fine. . “But it looks dirty.”

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