Alex Rodriguez reveals the changes in his life that helped him get back on track

Alex Rodriguez opened up about the changes he wore in response to the global pandemic. This period of uncertainty became a turning point in his life, leading to a profound physical and mental recovery for which he is deeply grateful. During a recent appearance on Jennifer Hudson’s show, the former baseball star bared her soul, revealing a striking transformation. 

   Her noticeably slimmer physique is a stark contrast to her appearance just three years ago. Now, however, he is completely rejuvenated and full of happiness, and he attributes a significant part of his awakening to his girlfriend, Jaclyn Cordeiro. During the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, Rodriguez struggled to control two companies as CEO in both Los Angeles and Miami. This heavy workload affected his well-being, causing unwanted weight gain and loss of attention to his health.

   His girlfriend encouraged him to prioritize fitness. As a result, he began a thorough overhaul of his daily routine. Changes implemented by A-Rod The changes Rodriguez has made in his life reflect the broader changes the pandemic has brought. This forced many to stay at home, disrupted their daily rhythms, and caused some to develop unhealthy habits that affected their general well-being and physical health, causing weight gain and mood swings.

   A-Rod publicly admitted that he struggles with these issues, but he also acknowledged the necessary change in his personal and professional life, which is now a big undertaking for him. “I just changed my routine,” Rodriguez told Hudson. “I get up in the morning and don’t look at my phone until noon. “So from the moment I wake up, I’m at the gym at 8, train for a few hours, come home, take a sauna, steam, stretch, meditate and then I’m at my desk. 12-6 every day.”

   “That sounds amazing, I have to admit it,” Hudson said. “Because I’m about to get my phone.”

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