Top 3 search celebrity is a NFL player

Travis Kelce Is No. 3 In Celebrity Searches Thanks To Taylor Swift: Which Two People Are Above Him? Swifties want to know more about him Two highly regarded and powerful worlds have collided in recent weeks after it emerged that Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce and singer Taylor Swift were in the early stages of a relationship.

   He is one of the most visible players in the NFL, winning the Super Bowl last season while playing in a league watched by millions in the United States and around the world. Swift, on the other hand, is one of the most famous pop singers of her generation and has been on a massive world tour that has garnered millions of paying fans. Of course, signs that the two had entered into a serious relationship sparked huge interest in both as individuals.

   Travis Kelce has now become the most searched celebrity in the US as of September 25, currently trailing only Beyoncé and Taylor Swift. Swift is the global star of the two, and Kelce’s public profile has grown dramatically both in the United States and abroad. Looking for Travis Kelce soars, Thanks to this relationship with a current star like Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce is the most wanted person in the United States after September 25. It’s clear that Swift fans want to know what their favorite star is up to. Who is above Travis Kelce? As for the two people who were wanted more than Kelce, one of them might be pretty obvious.

   Swift continues to be a more popular search topic than Kelce, while Beyonce continues to gain attention and has surpassed Kelce as well. It’s a relationship that the press and fans of both stars are watching very closely.

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