Horner believes that topping current Red Bull’s level is impossible

Red Bull is enjoying one of the most successful seasons in Formula 1 history.

   Red Bull team principal Christian Horner believes the team faces an “impossible” task at the top of the current campaign. The Formula 1 team based in Milton Keynes is enjoying one of the most successful seasons in the history of the sport.
The RB19 contender has been very dominant this year, winning 15 out of 16 races so far. 13 wins came courtesy of Max Verstappen, who is on his way to his third F1 title – a feat he could achieve this weekend in Qatar.

   The Dutchman has been largely unchallenged in this year’s races, as the car is particularly strong in the Grand Prix. Such is the ability of Red Bull, Horner does not believe that he can repeat his high performance in the coming seasons. “To repeat a season like this is golden,” he told media outlets, including RacingNews365.com. “To do better than we do? I think it’s impossible. “We are riding a wave. And of course we want to try to ride that wave as long as possible.

   “Formula 1 is a fast moving business, you see how quickly teams move up and down. And Singapore [the scene of Red Bull’s only defeat this year], if nothing else, it shows that we can’t be complacent and that we have to keep pushing the boundaries. “Stable rules helped Red Bull” Red Bull also had a dominant campaign last year, but Ferrari won it four times, while Mercedes grabbed the race towards the end of the season. It has also been challenged more often on race day than this year.

   Horner denied that other teams simply misled their new challengers, leading to a growing deficit, but instead praised the efforts of the Red Bull team. “The rules are firm,” he said, “We have the same gearbox on the car, we have the same chassis as last year. A lot of things remained from last year “The team has done a great job developing the car efficiently and keeping the weight down.

   “The functional teams through the technical team have done a fantastic job to maintain this level of performance across all our track versions.”

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