From Bikini-Clad Sex and the City Appearance to the Elegant F1 Dinner- Spice Girl

Geri Halliwell has entered a new phase in her life after marrying Red Bull boss Christian Horner. Christian Horner’s personal life has been the story of romance goals for many. As Red Bull team principal, many believe he struggles to find the right balance between his professional and personal life, but the 49-year-old manages it with ease. In 2015, Horner married pop star Geri Halliwell, with whom the Briton has two children and another child with his ex-partner.

   The Spice Girl left show business behind and chose elegance over glamour, appearing at gala dinners instead of Sex and the City scenes. In 2003, Helliwell made a cameo appearance in the famous series to be in a scene with Samantha of Kim Cattrall. Ms. Horner had to wear a white bikini top and short skirt, which made her uncomfortable, even unsettling, in the role. Halliwell was too polite not to tell about the clothes, so she put them on and made a scene.

   20 years later, the 51-year-old woman now appears at formal dinners at the Crown Prince’s palace in an elegant white dress. Geri Halliwell’s life took a big turn after she married Christian Horner Halliwell has come a long way in the last few decades from popular spice girl to one of the leading women in the world of F1. In the latter part of her life largely thanks to Horner, the singer-songwriter is enjoying her last roles as a wife and mother of three children. Speaking to Vogue about the different stages and styles of her life on their official YouTube channel, Halliwell shared what her last stage of life looks like.

   “This new phase of life where I want to keep things a little simpler, a little more modest. I don’t want to over-promote my body. Sometimes less is more.” Having reached a more “mature” stage in her life, Halliwell feels she doesn’t need a lot of glamor in her life. She believes in elegant and simple clothes, as opposed to strong colors and relatively more revealing looks.

   Following the same belief, Halliwell wears a lot of white because it keeps things simple and practical. How did Horner and Halliwell meet? The duo first met in 2009 when Bernie Ecclestone invited the “Spice Girl” to the Monaco Grand Prix. Horner was already in the pit along with Ron Dennis and Eddie Jordan and Halliwell came for a walk when they first met.

   “He gave Ron a kiss on the cheek and Eddie a kiss on the cheek. So I was like, ‘Okay, here’s a kiss on the cheek!’ And I went to give him and he gave me his hand!” In March 2014, there was news of Horner and Halliwell getting back together, which didn’t sit well with many, as Horner had just divorced his previous partner of 14 years, with whom he also had his first child.

   8 months later the couple got engaged and in February 2015 they both said ‘I don’t’ to each other in Bedfordshire.

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