Former Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer breaks silence on abuse allegations

Trevor Bauer took to social media on Monday to address the allegations Trevor Bauer has finally broken his silence after two years of not talking about the subject Former Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer has come forward for the first time to address allegations of sexual misconduct against him.

   The recent development meant that the claims of both Bauer and prosecutor Lindsay Hill were “roundly rejected” by their legal teams. Bauer, who played for the Dodgers in Japan last season, released an in-depth video that allegedly contained messages from Hill. The messages suggest a premeditated attempt by Hill, in which he allegedly texted friends to make Bauer “the next victim.”

   In addition, he reportedly considered ways to leverage Bauer’s considerable net worth of $51 million. In addition, Bauer revealed a series of hidden messages and a video of Hill contentedly sleeping next to Bauer with no visible injuries. He notes that this footage was shot shortly after Hill claimed he assaulted her. In a landmark appeal in August 2021, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge decided not to grant Hill a restraining order against Bauer, arguing that their interactions did not involve coercion or intimidation.

   With that in mind, Bauer noted, “But I’ve since learned that it’s very rare to get a restraining order denied because the rate to get it is very low. That’s what you want.” Bauer reiterated his innocence, commenting: And most importantly, as I have said from day one, I have never attacked Lindsay Hill or anyone else. So I sued him, so he sued me. Trevor Bauer Although both lawsuits have now been dismissed without monetary settlements, Bauer can discuss the case publicly.

   Concluding his statement, Bauer expressed a desire to move past these incidents, saying: The last couple of years I’ve had to defend my integrity and my reputation in a very public setting… But hopefully this will be the last time I have to because I’d like to just focus on doing my job, winning baseball games. . and entertain fans all over the world. So today I am happy to move on with my life.

   Trevor Bauer However, Bauer’s troubles may not be entirely behind him, as another Arizona woman has also accused him of sexual assault. Bauer vehemently denied the claims, as he has in the past.

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