Russell: A possible F1 ban is borderline dangerous

The Mercedes driver expects that Formula 1 will take some time to move to this sustainable measure. George Russell wants F1 to investigate more durable tire covers rather than ban them in the future, which he says is “dangerous”.

   Kiello is set to help increase the sustainability of the championship after being one of the main power producers during the Grand Prix weekend. F1 tire supplier Pirelli conducted several tests during the year with a tire that does not require covers and can warm up quickly on the track before a timed lap. However, after the data was collected, the F1 Commission had a meeting at the Belgian GP and the teams pushed back the proposal to 2025 at the earliest.

   Russell wants another solution GPDA boss Russell believes F1 bosses should look at other methods when discussing the ban “A lot of drivers feel it’s a very difficult task for the tire manufacturers,” he said. “When you have a 1,000-horsepower car with the traction we have, racing without tires [is] dangerous. “If we probably put more emphasis on making more durable tires, we could have won.

   There is a more durable tire, I think it’s been developed, and actually the wear on those tires is not much. “So never say never, I’m sure tire wear is something we’ll see in maybe 10 years. But I think we’re a few years away from being viable.”

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