Brown explains the Suzuka team arrangement between Piastr and Norris

McLaren decided to change drivers in the middle of the Suzuka race after the first pit stops. McLaren CEO Zak Brown explained the reason why the team changed their cars after Oscar Piastri’s pit stop in the middle of the Japanese GP.

   The Australian opted to make his first stop early in the Virtual Safety Car, which was switched off after a collision between Sergio Perez and Kevin Magnussen. He effectively passed Lando Norris at the stop, with Norris losing time behind the slow Perez during the VSC. Norris heard on the team radio that he had more speed and finished over 17 seconds ahead of Piastr.

   “They were on different tires on different cycles and at the same time Lando caught Perez. We weren’t sure if he had a problem and we couldn’t pass him [Perez] or not.” “

   It was a pretty straightforward race, it’s always nerve-wracking because it’s not over until the checkered flag comes out.”

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