Norris targets F1 rivals over qualifying issue

Norris targets F1 rivals over qualifying issue – ‘No one seems to care.

How big a problem is F1 facing and should drivers take more responsibility? McLaren driver Lando Norris criticized his rivals for “not looking after each other enough” after the latest qualifying situation for the Singapore GP.

   Traffic problems have hampered F1 qualifying sessions in recent years, although the problem has been highlighted this campaign with penalties preventing weekly appearances. While consistency has been enforced for most of the season, championship leader Max Verstappen avoided three investigations in Singapore with just two reprimands – results that have raised several questions about how the sport is run.

   The Dutchman was offered a break after his Red Bull team failed to communicate enough with rivals behind the setting of the flying laps, although the inconsistency can be seen compared to similar scenarios this season when the grid drop was implemented.

   Stronger penalties are needed When asked if he thought Verstappen should have been given a grid drop, “The track blocking should have been a penalty. “He blocked someone … it’s not just the team’s responsibility, I know. that the team received. ok but at the end of the day the driver has to look in the mirror and see if someone is coming.

   Norris added: “All you have to do is look in the mirror all round and a lot of people seem to struggle with that. – There should be something about stopping people being penalized more because it ruins your round and qualifying. – Nobody seems to care enough and it happened a lot this season, it happened a few times, especially with certain teams.

   “But the driver’s job is to look in the mirror, all we have to do is press the load button and people seem to struggle to do that in F1, which is a surprise.

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