Carlos Rodon Enjoys His New York Yankees History: ‘Another Really Good Step

The New York Yankees pitcher is finally seeing better days on the mound
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   The pitcher of the New York Yankees Carlos Rodon finally reaches the feeling that made him one of the most talented pitchers in Major League Baseball. The entire Yankees team suffered major setbacks this season that prevented them from competing at the highest level and inevitably affected Rodo as well.

Last offseason, Rodon was signed to a new big contract when team management saw his potential, but the immediate results fell short of those expectations. Although last Sunday against the Pittsburgh Pirates, Rodon was absolutely brilliant in a 3-2 away win.

   Rodon pitched 6.2 innings and allowed three earned runs on six hits. He recorded 10 strikeouts and did not allow a walk. Aaron Boone is over the moon with Rodon’s performance Yankees manager Aaron Boone seemed most pleased with Rodon’s numbers and performance after the game. 

   According to him, keeping Rod at this level of performance is the right way for the Yankees. If he plays like this next season, his return, along with Aaron Judge’s recent improvement, should give the team enough confidence to go far in the season.

   Rodon just needs to be himself on the mound and everything should be fine. Speaking on Jake, Boone had this to say about Rodon: “Another really good move and I think a glimpse of what he’s going to be like if he does it right.”

   Rodon also helped the Yankees to a decisive win over the Boston Red Sox last week in a 4-1 victory at Fenway Park. He led the way through five innings against the Yankees’ most hated rival, allowing just one run on four hits and striking out nine. Rodon is slowly but surely turning things around, which isn’t bad given the current state of their season.

   Right now, they have little to no chance of making the MLB playoffs. Rodon signed a new six-year, $162 million contract with the Yankees back in December, but he didn’t start playing properly until July 2023. Rodon’s arm had been injured for several months and needed rehabilitation. In his 2023 MLB season, Rodon is 3-6 with a 5.90 ERA in 12 starts.

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