Ferrari promises the 2024 challenger will be very different

Ferrari plans to unveil an all-new concept car for next season, having missed its 2023 targets.

Ferrari Aero development director Enrico Cardile claimed the team’s 2024 challenger will be “very different” to its current car. The SF-23 is largely a development of the F1-75, which is why it suffered from similar tire wear problems during competition earlier in the season. The team plans to change concepts from next year after both Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz complained about the “peak load” of the SF-23-produced aircraft, which occurs mostly on high-superpower circuits.

   Ferrari’s speed at low power tracks has been their strength this year and Monza was an outstanding performance where they managed to challenge Red Bull for victory. Cardile said the team is creating an entirely new concept, which RacingNews365 technical analyst Paolo Filisetti explored in a recent article. The car of the following years is not a development

   This [2024 car] is very different because when we were developing this year’s car, we realized that some of the architectural choices we made were not right,” Cardile explained to the media, including RacingNews365.

   It limited development too much. “Next year’s car is not an evolution of this year’s car, because this year’s car was compared to last year’s car.

   “It will be a completely new car – different chassis and different design, different rear end so that our Aero [division] can better develop the car to meet our goals.”

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